Tailored pony tails for brides are a thing, and we are obsessed.
This is seriously our favourite hairstyle of the moment. Never has a ponytail looked so cool – it has now taken a truly modern turn. Whether you go for a classy long and sleek pony or a flirty curled one, it is an elegant and contemporary way to complement your gown on the big day.
Some hot tips:
For a super-polished look, wrap a strand of hair to cover the elastic. For a more romantic take make it messy, with loose wisps pulled away to delicately frame your face.For a more voluminous look add a texturised wave.
For a more old-world look, add a vintage brooch in the place of the hair clasp.
This super simple style, yet romantic and very fashionable style is a great way to elevate your ‘cool girl’ bridal look!